Scam Alert: Men Targeted at Miami Nightclubs

By Ana
In November 25, 2014

Nightclubs in Miami are hot – everyone knows that and that’s why they are a common tourist hangout. Recently though, it’s come to our attention that there’s a ring of females posing as possible ‘paramours’ who frequent these clubs in search of young men who fall for their charms. They lure the men into sexual acts outside of the nightclubs (usually at the victim’s hotel room), they spend the night, and leave with the victim’s wallet, watch, or other valuables. They usually target high-priced items, which end up being sold underground.

Our private investigators have worked a few of these cases in the Miami area recently, often with successful results. We rely on the thieves’ inability to cover their tracks well enough and often recover the stolen items. Although most of these cases have had successful outcomes, some remain unsolved. The investigators at Grey Ghost are hoping that this warning will go out via word-of-mouth to ensure that possible patrons of these nightclubs take appropriate precautions. Please help us spread the word.

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