Grey Ghost – Private Investigator Miami has served the Miami area since 2008. We are proud to have built a reputation for being the surveillance experts of South Florida. This has been a result of specializing in surveillance for all these years. We chose this area of private investigations in Miami because we have a true passion for it. This passion is what led us to seek extensive training in surveillance techniques and cultivate our skills through thousands of cases that we have performed successfully. Because of our successful track record, we have built a list of repeat clients who trust our services and refer us to their friends and family.

If you decide to contact us for a free phone consultation with a licensed private investigator in Miami, please make sure that you do so from a telephone that cannot be accessed by the subject of the investigation. So if you want to investigate your spouse and you and your spouse share a phone plan and the spouse has access to your call log, please do NOT use that phone. Contact us only from a relative’s or friend’s phone or any other phone that the spouse has no access to. This will eliminate the risk of your spouse finding out that you are contacting private investigators in Miami. Once you contact us from a safe phone line, we will speak to you about your case and devise an investigation plan. If you require a meeting in person, we will be glad to set up a meeting for the fee of $99/hr., which will be credited back to you if you decide to hire us. Once we devise the investigation plan, we will ask that you send pictures and other identifying information for the subject of the investigation, so please make sure that you gather all information that will be helpful for the case before hiring our private investigator in Miami.

When you hire one of our private investigator in Miami, you can be assured that your case will be completed quickly, economically and thoroughly. Our private investigator Miami are familiar with the technicalities involved in doing surveillance in Miami. They are familiar with traffic patterns, neighborhood layouts, building layouts, and local laws and regulations. This knowledge allows our agency to formulate effective investigation plans for your case. Since all successful investigation cases start with well-thought-out plans, you can be assured that you are in good hands from the beginning of the investigation process to the end. Once the investigation plan is formulated, our private investigator Miami execute the plan, utilizing the latest surveillance equipment and their unmatched training and experience. During the investigation process, our private investigator Miami Headquarters Office will stay in touch with you and update you on all the evidence gathered during the investigation. Your job will be to monitor your phone closely and respond to us during this time to ensure that you answer our questions and confirm/deny the identities of any individuals observed during the investigation. After the investigation, we will send you all the video evidence that we gathered via internet transfer. If you require an official report, we can also provide that for an