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There are many factors involved in calculating the cost of an investigation. One of
the most important factors is the amount of information you can provide regarding the
subject of the investigation. As a general rule of thumb, the more information
you provide, the less you will pay.

Another factor is whether a case will go to court or not. Generally, cases that
go to court need more evidence than those that do not. Some of these cases require
several days of surveillance, through which our investigators will have to document
a certain ‘pattern of behavior’ rather than an isolated event. This generally applies
to child custody cases, child support cases, etc.

For cases that cover a specific event (e.g. you know that your spouse is meeting up
with their lover on a certain date and time), we only charge a four hour retainer fee.
If the case happens to go longer than the four hours, than we will ask for your permission
to continue. If you agree to that, than we will bill you hourly for the duration of the

We offer discounted rates for extended surveillance cases, so please call us and ask
us about our current specials. You can also find our rates under the ‘Fees’ tab on
our homepage.

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