Client Check List Prior to Hiring a Private Investigator

By Ana
In April 5, 2013

So you decided to hire a private investigator….I really hope you’re using your work computer to look this website up, or you know for sure that your personal computer does not have any type of key-logger software on it. Why all the paranoia? Because your spouse might be just as curious about your activities, as you are of theirs. It only takes one slip-up on your part to jeopardize the investigation. This article about Client Check List  will assist you in taking the necessary precautions, in order to ensure that the investigation process will run smoothly.

Now let’s get to work. Prior to contacting any private investigator, please make sure that you open up a new email account, that only you have access to. This is very important since your investigator might send you updates or various forms via email. If you will be communicating with the investigator via telephone, you can either use a prepaid phone (which you can purchase for a minimal amount at most retail stores) or just be 100% sure that your spouse will have no access to your telephone or your phone records. You will also need a plan for submitting payments to the investigation agency. Most spouses have joint bank accounts or at least have access to each other’s financial information. This will pose an issue if your spouse will question the charge from the investigation agency. The most efficient way to prevent this from occurring is by paying your investigator through Paypal, but without opening up a Paypal account. The way to do this is to go to a retail store (such as CVS, Walgreens, etc.) that sells GreenDot MoneyPak cards. You can load up to $500 on each card that you buy. After you purchase the cards, all you have to do is give the investigator the serial # from the back of the card and they can load the money directly into their company Paypal account. This way, you have proof that you paid your investigator and the payment cannot be traced back to anyone. The cards only cost $5 each, which is only a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

Finally, be careful who you talk to about the investigation while it’s in progress. You might be sure that you can trust a specific family member or friend, but you can never be sure that the information will not be relayed to your spouse. Keeping this information to yourself might be tough, but it will ensure the integrity of the case.

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