Cases Gone Wild: Mishaps from the Field – Case # 1

By Ana
In April 5, 2013

Picture this: Wife hires us for a possible infidelity investigation case. Husband was supposedly coming into Miami for a business trip, which would last a few days. The wife suspected that the business trip was a lie and that the husband would be spending time with another woman. Our team of private investigators spotted the subject at the airport and followed him to his hotel. A few hours after he settled in, he left the room and met up with a young female. They spent the next few days going out and engaging in some major PDA’s. It seemed like the husband was so comfortable in Miami, that he made no efforts to hide his transgressions. We obtained a lot of good-quality video footage and a lot of information about the husband’s companion and their activities together. The wife wanted as much proof as possible of the infidelity for court reasons, so she insisted that we continue the investigation until the husband left Miami. On the fourth day of surveillance, as our investigator did a drive-by of the husband’s companion’s residence (where they both where), he was accosted by the husband’s companion. The bewildered woman was screaming at the investigator and asking him to step out of the car. As he continued to slowly drive off, she began running behind the car, screaming on top of her lungs. Of course, we called the investigator back to home-base, as we attempted to figure out what the companion’s malfunction was. We received a call from our client, who stated that the husband became suspicious after she kept questioning him about his activities and he ended up logging into her email account (which she forgot that he had the password to). The husband accessed our investigation agreement, investigative plans, and updates that we sent to the client. After finding out, the companion and the husband must have watched through the front window and noticed our investigator, who was parked nearby and then drove by the residence. ┬áThis is when the companion decided to confront our investigator. Although our client received more than enough proof of infidelity, this email mishap cut the investigation short and also made our client’s life a lot more stressful.

LESSON LEARNED: Always make sure that the client covers all their tracks.

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