The State of Florida, specifically the Department of Corrections, is the party responsible for completing Private Presentence Investigations, as per state statute. This means that a state probation officer will be responsible for collecting all the data about the defendant and submitting it to the Judge. This data is read by the Judge, prior to determining the defendant’s sentence. The fact is, probation officers have plenty to do already.  When an officer receives an order for a PSI, it is another thing put on their overloaded plate.  Recently, the Department of Corrections slashed 200 positions within its ranks. Less manpower, means even more overload and even less motivation. This is where Grey Ghost Investigations can come to the rescue. Most people don’t know that they have the right to hire an independent party to compile an independent PSI. Our Miami private investigation agency is owned and operated by a former state probation officer. Therefore, our private detectives are trained and experienced in conducting complete PSI’s that are free of bias. Our Presentence Investigation services ensure that the Judge is presented with a clear and complete picture of the defendant and their life circumstances before determining a sentence. Grey Ghost Investigations team is extremely proud to have the unique knowledge and capabilities of providing this service to the general public and we hope to be able to assist many more defendants in fighting for their right to a fair sentence.

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